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People who are more Optimistic

are more successful

Laura Heft's

Book release and On-line Dating Guide program

Find Great Love Fast

On-line Dating Guide

Brad interviewed Dr. Laura. He is an international expert in speaking, coaching, and practitioner of energy healing with hundreds of Youtube videos. 

Radio and music celebs Katy Kruze & Terrye Seigel interviewed Dr. Laura Heft on ReSingled on KruzeNSeigel ON THE ROCKS with a TWIST!

ReSingled Book Cover

Welcome from Founder & CEO Laura Heft


Limited Time


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for FREE

For a limited time, you and/or your organization have an opportunity to try the Optimism assessment for FREE.


Organizations: GrowOptimism will analyze the results to ensure the test increases your ability to predict successful hires.  For participating in the pilot, your organization will receive free assessments for 1 year. 

RELIABLE          I           VALID           I      SUCCESSFUL          



People who are more optimistic are more successful in all areas of their lives.  Although many people have some habits of negative thinking, these tendencies can be overcome.  Making improvements in optimistic thinking leads to improvements in the quality of life.  We are committed to making the world a more optimistic place.              



To be more optimistic, people need to understand their current optimism level and opportunities for improvement. Organizations need to identify the most optimistic job candidates and develop more optimism in their current employees.   



GrowOptimism has developed a assessment that not only identifies whether a person is optimistic or not, but also provides feedback on strengths and opportunities. The new assessment is psychometrically sound, reliable, and valid.  It is appropriate for personal and work settings.




More optimistic life insurance agents were half as likely to quit, and those with the highest optimism sold 88% more insurance than the least optimistic agents.

Seligman, M. E., & Schulman, P. (1986)

Explanatory style as a predictor of productivity &

quitting among life insurance sales agents

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

…research shows that optimistic people, compared to those more pessimistic in outlook, report less pain, better physical functioning, experience fewer physical symptoms, and are less likely to be rehospitalized following coronary artery bypass surgery.

Rasmussen et. al.,(2009)

Optimism & Physical Health: A Meta-analytic Review

The Society of Behavioral Medicine

Optimists are more likely to exercise, have healthy diets, improve diets, and are less likely to smoke. 

Tindle et al., 2009.

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