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Survive and Then Thrive

Find relationship happiness through leveraging the science of the head and the heart

A broken heart is never easy to heal, but what if you had the tools to heal it faster?

What if you had the knew how to get a better relationship the next time?


Behavioral scientist, Laura Heft Ph.D. took what she knows as an expert in optimism, positive thinking, and behavior, and packaged it as an in-depth yet easy-to-understand guide for you to follow.


Choose to Thrive… Not Just Survive

A breakup is very difficult, but you don’t have to settle for simply surviving it. In ReSingled, behavioral scientist, Laura Heft Ph.D. guides you through the science behind your thoughts and emotions (the head and the heart), so you can move forward, thrive, and get the relationship you want the next time.

You’ll learn how to:

  • More quickly manage the breakup in a healthy way

  • Leverage the science of the mind-body connection

  • Position yourself to get the ideal relationship sooner

ReSingled is packed with scientific research to help you understand how you can create lasting change. It includes guidance on: surviving the breakup, the decision to let it go or get back together, healing the painful emotions that torment us after a breakup, tips for thriving, and the path forward for your ideal relationship.

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