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Videos on Optimism
Workplace Consulting, Self Help, Life Coaching. 

What is Optimism and why should I care?  

Enormous amount of scientific research shows Optimism matters  

We all have a tendency toward pessimism.  

You can reduce pessimism.  

 Research Summaries 

Stress & Coping




Sports & Athletic Performance


Relationships & Social Support


Work Related



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Shawn Achor on Happiness (12:20 mins.)


Martin Seligman on the State of Psychology (21:08 mins.)




Hobson, K.  (2017).  A Brighter Outlook Could Translate to a Better Life.  (NPR)

A Brighter Outlook Could Translate to a Longer Life (NPR)


Other Resources:


Authentic Happiness Website – University of Pennsylvania


All Optimism Research Summary References

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