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About Our Assessment

Why do we need an Optimism Test?

To find out if you can become more optimistic!


People who are more optimistic are more successful at work, in relationships, health, athletics, and academics. 

The first step is to understand your level of Optimism – the GrowOptimism assessment can do that.


You may think you know if you are optimistic or not, but it is not so simple!  Optimistic thinking is not transparent because everyone has some optimistic and pessimistic thoughts. A test is needed to identify a pattern of optimistic thinking.


But don’t worry, although many people have some habits of negative thinking, these tendencies can be overcome. 


We offer 3 levels of the GrowOptimism test:


1.   GrowOptimism I – For Fun (simple, short, high level) - Free  

2.   GrowOptimism II – For Hiring (identify better employees) $25 (see volume discounts)

3.   GrowOptimism III – For Development (diagnose where you can become more optimistic) $35 (see volume discounts)

The GrowOptimism Assessment is Easy & Practical:

  • Well suited for personal or workplace use.

How the GrowOptimism Test was Developed?

Grow Optimism was built using rigorous scientific processes including:

·         A research/literature review for content validity

·         Statistical/psychometric testing on 3 versions of tests

·         Over 800 test takers

·         Reliability, convergent and discriminant validity testing

·         Correlations with important outcomes:  Burnout, Stress, Work Engagement, and Life Satisfaction

Finding the right person with the right skills is critical to your company’s success and is a huge investment of time and resources.  There is a lot of pain over a bad hire for you, your team, and your clients. 


Experts agree that a person’s attitude is a critically important consideration in hiring.  You can train an optimistic person the skills of the trade, but it is far more difficult to change a person’s attitude


The GrowOptimism assessment is a great addition to your hiring process, and will help you hire more successful employees!

GrowOptimism for Hiring and Training

Workplace Solutions


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