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GrowOptimism Assessment
Workplace Consulting, Self Help, Life Coaching.

GrowOptimismIII (for development)

  • 80 Items: 10 development categories

  • Includes specific areas of strengths & opportunities linked to development suggestions



You can also use a credit card to pay for the test  using the PayPal system.  To pay with a credit card, simply click the link in the PayPal that says “Pay with Credit Card” on the checkout page. 


IMPORTANT! After your payment is complete, click the “Return to Merchant” button to access the test.

GrowOptimismII (for hiring)

  • 25 Items

  • Auto scoring candidate report

  • High level development suggestions


To begin purchase process please fill out your contact info and I will contact you directly to set up your test specifically for your needs. No payment required at this time.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon to complete set up

Note:  The GrowOptimism test is copyright protected and the test items and scoring is proprietary.

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